The Truth Behind The Broken Smiles

March 4, 2012
She sees him every day.
He smiles in a simple way.
She misses the way it used to be.
He says he’s moved on and he thinks so has she.
She still loves him more that she’ll tell.
Sadly he still loves her and he wishes he never fell.
She misses the way it was in the spring.
He knows they’ll always have a thing.
She knows it hasn’t been long.
He’s losing grip and he can’t be strong.
She feels she’ll never be able to let go.
He loves her so much more than he will ever show.
She feels so lost without him there.
He loves her so much and he will always care.
She sees him as he passes by.
He walks he catches her eye.
She stares at the floor.
This is hurting him to the core.
She knows it’s time to say their good-byes.
He knows he will never move on no matter how hard he tries.
She lies to everyone by saying she’s okay.
He’s wishing he never let her get away.
She closes her eyes pretend she is with him again.
He also closes his eyes as well to go back to then.
She opens her eyes and he’s gone now.
He loves her more than he wants to allow.
She feels so alone.
He hates being on his own.
They were a perfect fit.
But, it’s over now, it’s time to accept it.
They’ll see each other every day.
They’ll both just smile at each other in a simple way.
Without each other they feel they feel they might as well be dead.
Some many words have not been said.
But now it’s truly over.
They’ll always miss the way it was before.
They’ve tried every trick.
Sometimes life isn’t romantic it’s just realistic.

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