Monument to a Monument to a Whirlwind

February 28, 2012
By Cirrus GOLD, Redlands, California
Cirrus GOLD, Redlands, California
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The world’s wealth swept up,
While screams and trumpets don’t let up,
A visual cacophony of sound,
As the vortex spins round and round.

Scarlet horses hidden in turmoil,
The grey storm above comes to a boil.
Shreds of chaos erupt from outstretched hands,
Plastered on walls across the land.

Magenta time melts away;
The bricks of walls are led astray.
Some hide behind stumps before they’re set adrift.
But in the end, the dead forest is all that’s left.

The author's comments:
A poetic description of an awesome painting I saw at an art museum once, called "Monument to a Whirlwind." It is absolutely insane-sounding if you don't know what the painting looks like, but you can always look it up!

Oh yeah, guess what? I made rhymes! :D

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