The Parasite named Fear

February 28, 2012

An unknown monster prowling in the chilling darkness,
Each step a haunting memory of nightmares yet to come,
Oblivion and eternity welded into one single catastrophe
Terror seeping through adrenaline and spreading to my ivy green veins.
Death looms above me like an unwelcome funeral shroud,
Like the reaper waiting to reap the efforts of my soul.
Dark shadows appear out of nowhere-
Blocking out the omnipresent light with their wispy tendrils
A red light pulses and glares distorting the perceptions of my vision
A distant siren’s warning echoes like a banshee’s plight stricken wail,
Shattering the thin veil of sanity and feeds a menacing horror into the depths of my heart.
Danger’s threat an obvious challenge laid down to the likes of me,
Courage left behind in a pure, cheerful world that withholds normalcy,
Left behind for a world that lacks genuine character or feeling
Distress and destruction is displayed in an ethereal garden,
Framing every moment, showcasing each event –
In an everlasting photograph of soulless eyes and joyless smiles,
Happiness slowly leaks out of the world, but only drop by drop,
Drawn out by the leech of avarice, whose hunger can never be satiated,
Rapidly replaced by the slate grey hue of a repugnant, unredeemable sorrow.
But this unearthly realm survives on one particular emotion,
One that can invoke a bloodcurdling scream and a skin crawling bite,
Something that deviously lures you in, but traps you forever in cold silence,
Tortures you and revives dreadful scenes from your past,
Unforgiving and unrelenting in its merciless taunting,
Numbs your vibrant body into a soulless mundane,
Carving tattoos of horror into the pale, eerie glow of the silver moon,
Whilst rocking the clouds to create a storm of stony gloom.
It feeds from us all, feeds from our emotions,
Draining each human of their character, yet relishing on the unconquered egos.
With each passing minute, it grows stronger than the last.
Growing with each trickle, each crimson drop of the past,
Ribbons of velvet threaten to overflow from its bulging silhouette,
It glowers and glares, each eye a globule dripping with envy,
Yet the mouth twisted into a smile of cold victory,
Your muscles taut and strung out, to make the final step towards escape,
Yet something releases an outburst of exhaustion, sweeping you of your feet,
Your mind possessed by a dread of fatigue,
Your pulse gently stops, before a metallic poison invades your armoire encased heart,
And with each fading thump, tears encrust those breaking shards,
The parasite of fear has conquered once again.

The author's comments:
My own fears and a very unlikely incident inspired me to write this poem and yet I feel there's something left unsaid, but I don't know what it is...

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