The Dance of the Zombie

March 1, 2012
When I came to the big city,
I walked around the town.
Down well lit streets and highways,
and darkened alleys with crowns.
I came around a corner one night,
looking for something to do.
When I came upon lettered lights,
saying "Come in. Get a clue."
I stepped into a scary world,
everyone creeped around.
Dresses coming unfurled,
and pants all touching the ground.
Like make-upless clowns,
they danced and they raved.
I had to stop and force a frown,
I had to wonder who had enslaved.
I wasn't in there for five minutes,
when along came a fair young man.
He spoke in little snippets,
and he didn't meet my eyes just a can.
"Come along deary."
I could hear him say.
He took my hand nearly,
and put an end to my day.
Now I'm marching to the beat,
and I'm holding out my arms.
Like a giant slab of meat,
I could not hear the alarms.
Flashing lights and booming sound,
was all I could make out.
I could see a giant hazy mound,
but I'm not sure if it had a snout.
No, I couldn't get a grip,
I couldn't get it together.
All because I let it slip.
Now I'm forced to be a zombie.
A great dancing bafoon.
With no life and no brain,
I just come to make a claim.
Ruled by the nasty laws.
All the blank naked skin,
no shame that could be felt.
Just dwelling in this sin,
was creating to be delt.
Now come along deary,
it'll all be over soon.
You can dance for the rest of your life.
Never having rules or any other laws,
just a way to be away from the strife.
Open thy eyes and wiggle thy toes,
what would give for the party life?
No one will judge you.
No one will say a word.

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