Love Story

March 1, 2012
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The way my heart beating like a drum
Because of your present
Its like your my angel from up above
Looking down on me from heaven
No other person can take you away
In my heart is where you gonna stay
Falling asleep seeing you in my dream
Telling you i love you over and over again
What i would loved to tell you in reality
But my shyness is driving me crazy
If i had wings to fly
Soaring through the sky
Just to be around you
Would be what I'll do
My favorite love song blasting through the night
Trying to pretend that you was in sight
Words can't describe the way I feel
Only my heart knows the deal
The way you laugh
Make me loose control
Its like my favorite song
playing on the radio
My friends tell me I'm crazy
I say I'm crazy in love
Praying to God to sent me to you
To help me protect you
From my heart
Cause my heart not quiting is battle
If I could win this war
I would be your only girl

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YandahLIBgirll said...
Mar. 12, 2012 at 8:35 am
The last line Cause my heart not quiting is battle should of been this battle
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