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March 1, 2012
By hardylover BRONZE, Delmar, Delaware
hardylover BRONZE, Delmar, Delaware
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Moment for life.

woke up this morning as my day begun- every thing's the same as if life were a rerun- the world can seem so cold without wearing a coat- just to cover up how you feel inside when there's no hope- it all begun when i was 7 years old- don't let go of hope because that is all you can hold- you'll find out the truth the truth will unfold- this is a story my grandmother told- i learned not to hate but to be a lover- even when i couldn't find my father and mother- so days went by from morning to noon- grandma constantly told me they would be back soon- situations make it so hard to live right- but somehow i managed to make it threw midnight- grew up in jersey and it was not pretty- like walking threw fire a demon poss-ed city- nothing but guns money and violence they could show- i knew my parents were up to no good though- A box full of problems wish i was stabbed by a knife- if only something good could come out of my life- you role the dice you pay the price- if only the world could listen to good advice- we here the word but don't read- there is no way the world shall succeed- i will find my way i will find my destiny- with all my hart the rest of me.

The author's comments:
My life story and a song that i will never forget. ?????????????

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