Paper Problems

March 1, 2012
By Gordo BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Gordo BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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The truth burns, but we still try
To force ourselves to wear the mask to earn another’s satisfaction
Error, we cannot recognize this unknown figure
Paper problems plaguing our lives.
Being fair is a curse
We resist the repulsion and pull through to the end of the tunnel. but add that what is supposed to be the light at the end is just a train
His story, her story; we’ve been tangled in lies
Pleading with reality to not cut you any deeper
Shield ourselves from risks
Not wanting to lose everything we’ve gained
Absolute, we don’t realize the values of our lives
Stop, we’ve reached a dead end
Erase, delete the words we said because rational expressions don’t exist
But our mistakes our still visible, we wrote in pen
We realize we’ve never gone anywhere
Stuck in a matrix not moving, growing, feeling
Struggling to come to terms
With the fact that we are all imperfect
If we were than we really weren’t
The paper tears, we’ve tried too hard
Radicals reaching extremes to be noticed
Derived from the roots of our pasts
We die each time we try to fight the malicious inequalities
People hurt us
They subtract our integrity
This silent revolution isn’t going very well for us
Deception is our weapon
Our weakness is truth
Shhh. Can you hear?
Pencils are down, we’ve made a mess
Somewhere in the beginning we went wrong
May you help me? I can’t do it.
Paper problems don’t hurt because the problem is still us.

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