The End

March 8, 2012
A deep remorse smolders for the things we lost
As we watch our home crumble like coals on a log;
Our eyes like deep holes
Anguish hangs deep within us.
Friends, family and lives torn apart
Gravity, burnt from us as we float, looking down.
Perfection comes to a devastating end.

We awoke on that day, flawlessness.
I took my first steps outside,
Nothing but effortless beauty.
Everything in its entirety seemed surreal.
I called her; she hadn’t smiles in days,
But today, I could hear her ear to ear through the wires.

All I did was all I wanted to do.
Watching as the kids played in the yard,
A man’s best friend by my side,
And felt like a child again when she wrapper her arms
Around my chest and gave me a kiss.
“I love you, always and forever.”

There hadn’t been a better day.
No crime committed, no lives lost
A day I had only dreamt of.
Who knew it would be a day like this,
When the world caved in?

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