Sweet Hellfire

March 8, 2012
By CarbonedAsh BRONZE, N/A, Ohio
CarbonedAsh BRONZE, N/A, Ohio
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Dear sweet hellfire
The coals that had once burned furiously have cooled
Wind taking place of your radiant warmth
Soot choking the thicket of my mind

You were a fire enkindled with vanity
Fanned upon with an air of arrogance
The cycles of day have snuffed you
Who am I to question nature's hand

When the chill had first reached bone
I cursed the time that fashioned you
My soul once more deathly silent
Void of the comfort your aura provided

But that was nothing more than reflection
Mirrored images of past mistakes
Frigid screams of remorse
Echoes from a dead end traveled

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