Only a dangerous game

March 7, 2012
By Pandaboo BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
Pandaboo BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
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Life's what you make it and how you take it.

Love is a game of trust
But baby you've won this time
So lets travel back in time
To play this dangerous love game
Just one more time.

We can play 24/7
Just you and me baby
We have won all this but baby this ain't over
So let me hear you say it one more time
I Love You So.

Hearing those words
It saves my life
But this is a dangerous game
Knowing more and more
The game is kept in play.

But the love we share
Nobody knows the power
They see that together we will Always make it
So just once more let me hear you Say something magical
I Love You.

Challenging people to interfere
Knowing how they wont survive
Cause this is a dangerous love
Dangerous and pure is our way
In a game of trust.

Seeing it blossom before our eyes
Growing like a wild flower
Gracefully maturing
Never letting me forget
I Love You.

So let's win this game
Watch it all go by
'Cause this is a dangerous love game
Only trusting one another
Cause together we can do anything
Just you and me baby.

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