Before I Go...

March 7, 2012
By heryearningloveforhatred GOLD, Wyckoff, New Jersey
heryearningloveforhatred GOLD, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Before I go,

I will meet you.

I will befriend you.

I will grow close to you.

I will fall in love with you.

I will bear your children.

I will grow with our family.

Then I will hurt you deeply.

I will lacerate your heart.

I will break you down.

You can’t think.

You can’t speak.

You can’t escape.

I will devour you.

You will lose yourself.

Once you are lost, I will fissure you further.


Because you hurt me—deeply.

I will act out of anger.

I will suffer.

You will suffer.

We will suffer.

I will die before you before I can miss you.

You will go on.

You will be okay.

You will not need me,

But you will be broken.


I take back everything I’ve said.

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