Themis Watches

March 7, 2012
By VictorHugo GOLD, Binghamton, New York
VictorHugo GOLD, Binghamton, New York
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I am Stone, etched by man into his liking.Designed to stand guard of the house of Evocations, where pedophiles become property of the state. I have seen things..horrible things. Banshees who wail over killing their own fathers. Flashes of light that have made celebrities out of serial killers. Harlots, who walk with a ring on her finger and walks out empty-handed-richer.

But I say nothing, simply gaze at the park across from my pedestal where happy children play on swing-sets and blue-jays sing their little tune. I always keep my sight to the north, balance held high, knowing I am protecting those on the outside and not within.

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