March 7, 2012
Always I find myself running
Beating down whatever I see
Catlike women with seductive c laws
Demons who reach out to me
Edifices blackened and charred
Fires burning, flashing bright
Girlfriend’s love—the purest light
Hell rains down with passion
I don’t know if I’ll survive
Just push through till tomorrow
Kisses my frightful life
Light comes and I disappear
Melting into the shadows
Now just another person
Ordinary and shallow
Press my hands to the glass
Quiz myself as to why
Rested my head, catch my breath
She left me last night; all I can do is cry
Tell me of another person who needs help
Unanimously their screams burst
Viciously I snarl: who’ll help the hero first?
Where is my escape?
Examine very sight
Yell out; battle comes and I count the
Z’s I’ll never catch tonight.

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