My Heart of Steel

March 7, 2012
By lifelessbeauty GOLD, Exeter, California
lifelessbeauty GOLD, Exeter, California
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Smiles dying on lips of gold,
Bring forth memories of old.
Minds flowing full with suffering,
Eyes filling of pain.
Your cruel looks linger and bring forth feelings
Of knives piercing my heart of steel.
Years to rebuild,
Just a bit to tear down.
Like buildings of brick, strewn around.
My distress cannot show,
As I face my doom.
I say I'm fine, I must walk this path alone.
I am a new person,
One resurrected of old
My heart of steel shall not fold.
You cannot take from me what was never mine,
So steal my life and light
But you will never again have my heart.
Noone will, for it is no longer a heart,
But a shield, a barrier one cannot break.
Made of the toughest metal, I will not crack.
No longer will I sit and cry
I am a person, made strong and new
By all the pain you put me through.

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