In Return

March 7, 2012
Through the blackness shines,
Something ahead.
Sink or swim?
Is this in my head?
Hold me up.
I'm going under.
Drag me forward.
I'm losing this race.
Watch my back.
I'm losing this battle.
Something's gone,
That I can't replace.
Patch me up,
Needles and thread.
Keep me alive,
But inside I'm dead.
The north star,
Can't even guide me.
Now all it does is blind me.
I have faith,
In where you're leading me.
I'll follow you
When you take me.
Bring me back to life,
Revive me.
Grow me in your garden.
I am not a stepping stone.
Sometimes you have to let me guide you.
Now that I'm stronger,
I'll get through.
And you have to let me pull you too.

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