Where are you?

March 7, 2012
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Romeo,Romeo where fore out thou Romeo?
Where is my Romeo?
Who will pass their sin, upon my lips?
I do not find you Romeo
Here is your mask, but where are you?

Oh someday my prince will come
Someday oh someday
He'll be handsome and charming
But when is someday?
When will my prince come looking for me?

I was born to be yours
So when will you wake me from my deep sleep?
Will you heal my pricked finger?
Come and save me from this tower?
When will you come to slay my dragon?

I see you there above, me hidden beneath the waves
But when will you notice me?
When will you hear my voice?
I want to be apart of your world
But will you be aprt of mine?

We, us two, come from seperate worlds
You are rags, I am riches
But when will you come to show me your love
When will you show me a new world?
When will you make your wish?

Will you come for me after midnight?
Can you please return my glass slipper
Will you make my heart's wishes come true?
Remeber me, from the ball?
Oh, won't you be my prince chraming

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