One Day

March 7, 2012
By Perfectlyun-perfectMeg SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
Perfectlyun-perfectMeg SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
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One day I’ll be good enough for him. One day I won’t need to fight as hard for him to notice me. One day I’ll be pretty enough for him. One day I’ll have confidence, he likes that. One day I’ll shine bright enough, just like a twinkling star in the sky on a hot summer night, just for him. Just one day. So for now I pass him in the hallways, acting like boys are just over-rated. But, one day when I walk by I might, just might get a smile from him, then next a “Hello”, and then one day we’ll talk. One day maybe he’ll think I’m a little pretty, just a little. I’ve been waiting for him for years, ever since that hot summer day I saw him in his way to expensive Hollister plaid blue shorts, with his grey American Eagle t-shirt. But no, I’m tired of waiting; I’m tired of caring, hurting, and being disappointed. One day he won’t be good enough for me. One day he’s going to try and fight for me to notice him. One day I’ll be too pretty for him. One day he’ll start to lose his confidence, he won’t like that. One day I’ll shine way to bright for him and all he can do is watch from below me. One day. So, for now when I pass him in the hallway I won’t care what he thinks. What is so special about him anymore? One day he’s going to want a smile from me, then “Hello”, and he’s going to wish I’ll talk to him, but no. I won’t. He can stand by and watch me shine liked I’ve shined before. Just wait for it.
One day…

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