March 7, 2012
Bring forth the spirits within me
To torment and torture
With stories of past
I pray that thou will not desert me
In my time of terror as the freedom bell rings
I shall be weak in my darkest hour
But strong when thou art upon me
My eyes have seen the wonders of this earth
Through eyes born anew
And old ones thrown askew
As bodies lie on the fields
A reminder of what we have left behind
What has been sacrificed for humanity's sake
In a time where the world was pure
We shan't worry of when our next meal shall take
When we shall sleep again
Resting our eyes for a new dawn
When we shall be so blessed to once again
See the loved ones so many take for granted
But for now I steadily remain in line
Hoping that life shall not cease to exist this day
Grasping the gleaming beauty that is my sole purpose here
To search and destroy
A feat which makes us no better than our enemies
So I stand up in the middle of it all
Aching to end this madness
Yet knowing there is no point
Surveying the ones around
Laying with red breast
Gone for their country and all those before us
Who prayed for the toll of the freedom bell
As we have done everyday
But as shots ring out around me
I feel a love so warm it is almost an embrace
And once again I know
All will be right in the world
Just as soon as I fight for that passionate embrace
That is life,
The flame that is love,
The spark that is humanity
An image of truth flashes before me
The face of an angel, my angel, son by her side
And suddenly I am reminded of why I came
Lord let me accomplish my mission
And return to the ones who are my world.

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