March 7, 2012
I expected
Kindergarten face,
Glazed like doll’s eyes, uneven
Saliva oozing from
The mouth.
Yesterday when he was
Smiling with teeth no longer
Caked with congealed mixtures
Of graham crackers and apple juice,
I just stared at my freshly-tanned fingers
And tried very hard
To exhale
The electricity –
So this is what change
Feels like,
When he sits on the park bench
Talks into the July air
With a jar of memories in his jacket
And brushes back
With long piano hands
Sylvan ebony curls,
Exhibiting adolescent jawline –
His syllables roll like dusty marbles
Constricting my throat, and
With what remaining breath I could snatch from his
I say


And wonder.

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