The Sky

March 7, 2012
By 1997soccercrush SILVER, Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire
1997soccercrush SILVER, Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire
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Inside my head there is a place
Where everyday I go
But in this place the sky is dark
And doesn't like to show

The sun won't shine within this place
Because the sky won't show
And the moon won't show it's
Shinning face
Without a sky to go

My sky is dark and bleak and shy
It doesn't like to go
To a place where my sky
Doesn't get a chance to glow

So I went and found some stars
And begged them to come help
For I could tell these special stars
Would make my sky come out

So that night the stars lit up
And called out for my sky
And there she appeared all dark and down
She almost made me cry

The stars flew up to comfort her
And brighten up her day
And to my surprise her colors appeared
And for the first time it was day

My sky is very happy now
As she sits up with the stars
Looking down upon my world
And brightens up MY day

The author's comments:
My one big inspiration for this poem is my three amazing best friends. They are the stars in my dark sky and they definitely bring out my colors and brighten up my day.

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