March 7, 2012
By Anonymous

I'm sixteen, and I've been
Put through a whole lot.
Each day i put on a new mask
Just to hide all the problems
I face. Nothing is as difficult as
That. I’m done deciding!

My life, in my eyes, sucks. I
Am lucky enough to have a mom
That takes all the crap I give and
Helps through problems. But she
Can’t solve everything! I’m just done!

I have a “dad” that has not
Been there for me. Not there to
See me grow, not there to witness
My achievements. I’m not even confident
That he could pick me out of a group of
Girls. I’m done trying to reach out to a boy
Who can’t grow a pair to be
A man, let alone a Father!

I’m just done! Done having to
Deal with adult situations, I’m
ONLY 16! Deal with it society, I’m a kid
I am not ready for this.
Why would I be ok to see the people I care
About suffer? and yet I can not
Help. Why is it ok to see people hurt themselves?
But yet those people expect us to
Do something to help them!
It’s like you did this to your-
Self idiot! Deal with it on your
Own. I’m done helping!

I get mad at the littlest
Things, it’s not my fault…
I’m sorry. But don’t you try to blame
Every little thing on me, I’M HUMAN!
I do make mistakes, and I learn from them.
I guess I just don’t understand the world!
I’m done trying to understand!

But that’s ok… because I AM DONE.
I’m done deciding,
I’m done trying to reach out to others,
I’m done helping,
I’m done trying to understand,
I am just done!

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