Fear Me Not

March 7, 2012
By AlexAvery PLATINUM, Tecumseh, Other
AlexAvery PLATINUM, Tecumseh, Other
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"Life is but a dream that shall be written by the dreamers"

Through ominous eyes I stare at the dark
And see what no one has before
When the time is right I will make my move
Through shadows glooming casting off lights of the sky
The trees raise their arms cheering me on
I know what I must do
I know what they have asked
Speed is but a number as I move faster than sound itself
I am the eyes, the ears, the hands of the dead
With my presence I bring lust and anguish
The sins they have forgotten return
They join me in the streets leaving behind a life of no avail
I collect the souls of the misled
Not ghosts but animals
Who have shattered what was left of a life unlived
To their very hearts I grab and squeeze the conscious mind away
They no longer possess the quality of emotion nor the faults that they bring
Do you know what I am?
Not death nor lust nor loathing
I am past, I am present, and I am future
I have known too many a man as the time to which they fear
Never amiss a day shall I be gone
Just waiting
Waiting for the sun the fall
It is my duty I am not a tainted man
Through fear I portray truth which those need see
I am the night, the moon, and the stars
I am fate; fear me not for I only fear those who do

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