A Poem is A Story

March 7, 2012
By ezhou17 BRONZE, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
ezhou17 BRONZE, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
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Sometimes poetry can just get to you
like an idea you get to write a story
The idea goes BAM! inside of you
and you just start writing
No stopping to think
No stopping to get a drink
And when you're done
You sigh and look at your work

But, you don't write that poem once
You write it twice
Or maybe three times
A poem tells a story
The story can be about anything you like
like butterflies and horses
A poem can be any length you like
anything you like
It can be about fireworks
As they go singing in the sky
and blinks at the audience

There are many types of poem
haikus, cinquains, and much, much more
Poetry is like story
A poem is emotion, flowing through your mind

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