The World Goes 'Round As Long As I Have A Voice

March 7, 2012
The world turns ‘round as long as we let it.
So why do we?
The world is full of hate and misery.
What can we do to not spread it?

We need to break the cycle.
We need to stop the chain of hate.

We need pay the world a favor,
And ask for nothing in return.

Fix the world up to what we want to see.
What we NEED to see.

Change is good.
And there will be haters.

People that yell,

Saying what we need to change isn’t right.
We need to change this.
Or this.
Not what is really needed.

They want to change the small things.
We need to change the big things.

The world is slowing down.
We are becoming content with the world.
And their lives.

We need to change that.
The world isn’t awesome yet.

We can do it!
I know we can!

Motivational speaking isn’t my thing,
I’m willing to change if you can.

I’m willing to fight for rights we need
But don’t have.

I’m willing to challenge the rules.
And state my point.

I’m willing to speak up for the smallest-voiced person.
Even if I don’t agree with their opinion.

The world needs change for the better.
To help the world spin ‘round.
To keep life sweet.
Friendly disagreements are allowed.

But challenging the rules is better.

Everyone deserves a voice.
And I’m willing to give you one.

If you’ll let me.

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