Darkness is my lover

March 7, 2012
they say they have your back when you need t most but where are they now? Once my happy days now my sorrow days my lover surround me in blanket of night time hiding me away from the darkness that surround me my tears are locked away in a cage where no one can reach. I wear a mask to cover my face and a wall that surrounds me from what's waiting for me outside. Not even my princes can save me from this cloud of shadow and saddness that is outside the wall. Each day my heart ach's in pain and tears scream let them free so they can come out. I hide in the shadows and coldness to protect me. Once love was my life and friendship was my sunlight. Now these clouds of endless tears have become what cover my sky's. I say i am fine yet i hide behind my mask to hide the real trueth that refuses to come out. Sun light is my enmy and nigh is my lover that waits for me and takes my pain away and blinds me from what is bothering me. It wrapps it blanket of night around me and the moon is my pillow each comfort me from rest of the world. As i wait for time all this pain will all go away and set me free from all these pains that waits for me when i leave night side.

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