That's The Meaning Of Love.

March 7, 2012
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She’s done so much for me. She’s forgiven me every time cheated on her, she’s taken all of my bull s***, and she’s never broken up with me or cheated. Plus, she’s never said no to me and always encourages me to do the best. I know she trusts me no matter what I’ve done and that should mean a lot to me. I don’t understand how I’ve gotten so deep into this that I let girls flirt with me and I cheat on her even after all of that s***. She really does love me and I know it. I’m afraid that someday she’s going to get tired of letting things go and leave. After all I put her through; she still stuck around and stayed by my side. I don’t know how to put it but she’s showed me what love is. She’s forgiven everything and forgotten my mistakes and that is what real love is.

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