Life is so Sweet but is so Mean

March 2, 2012
Life is so mean and yet it can be so kind
Times may become confusing and painful.
But life still goes on
Some things are better left alone.
Secrets better left untold
Secrets that are tearing me apart on the inside and out.
My life feels like it’s not real and it’s just a dream
I'm so afraid that if I wake up all will be gone.
I will be left alone no one to care for me
My life feels like a lie.
I have deceived so many people, hurt so many people
I'm slowly degrading into nothingness.
Life is so precious
But it can slip right through your fingers into an icy embrace of death.
Life can knock you down but if you get back up and take on the challenge head on
It will make you stronger.
When I look at my reflection I'm disgusted by myself
How can I love when I don’t love myself anymore?
I can’t get up anymore I’ve been knocked down so many times.
I don’t know how to ask for help
Every time I reach out for help my hand is knocked away.
I've become so weak
I don’t know what to do anymore.

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