Mountain Top Moment

March 2, 2012
By , Norfolk, VA
I'd heard stories of Mountain Top Moments
Like retold dreams that only the dreamer could understand
I'd always shied away from unseen heights
Until the day you came and took my hand

Let me tell you, that climb was no stairwell
And our incessant struggles made our future look bleak
I was tired, inspiration-less, and out of breath
When we finally reached that prize of a peak

But as you pulled me up from my grass-stained knees
The view before me made my beating heart calm
Sights and wonders that healed buried scars
Like a pair of dry, cracked lips needs balm

That was my first taste of the flavor beautiful
And I'm sure I'll get to sample it much more
That present took the title now faded memory
As a little girl became a person of lore

But as I looked around at my beautiful world
That new life calling me to come to
The only place I wanted to be then and there
Was on that mountain top with you

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