The Sadest Part.

March 2, 2012
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Ever went outside
In the middle of the night
Just to stare at the sky?
Just to get away from it all.
Me too, every night.

Every whistle of the wind
As the birds lay down to rest
And the leaves rustle through the forest.

Oh how I dream of the day,
When I can run just to run.
Not to lose weight
Or even clear my mind
But to feel the freedom
Of leaving everything behind,

For just one moment.
One glorious and grateful moment
When I finally realize
That I am beautiful.
I can shine through the pain,
The blood,
The toliet.

You may think I am gross or wrong
For doing the things that I do
But at some point, where I am now
Use to be you.

Everyday I pray that we could all feel as beautiful as we are,
So we don't have to cry ourselves to sleep at night or compare ourselves to those skinnier and "prettier" than we are.

I can 100% tell you
That most of those "prettier on the outside" people are hideous on the inside
Or they hate themselves too and choose not to show it.

It sucks
Cause they judge you and call you fat
To make them feel better about their newfound 22 inch waste.

What happens to you?

What do you do?

Nothing but what you've seen and heard.
Nothing but what you will try to believe will make them like you.

^^I have this issue.
I care way to much what people think. <-- Gonna change.

I dont need you to know what's pretty or acceptable.

I gave up my happiness because of your ignorance.

Thats the saddest part
But the clouds are parting
And the sun is coming out shinning.

glasses over bite and all.
No matter what you say
I refuse to let you push me over the ledge.
I'd much rather wait and just fall.

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