March 2, 2012
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Your whispers beckoned me from an early age, in the form of a salty breeze brushed against my face.
Your turquoise eyes captivated me, your power intrigued me.
I believed I was skimming the surface, but I fear I must have been slicing you razor deep, for you to repay me like this.

While immersed in you I was liberated, in control of my destiny.
Or so it seemed.
I was caught up in your majesty, unaware of the silent fury growing beneath my feet.

Each day I rolled the dice, after all, the end justified the means.
Warnings rumbled below, cautions whistled in my ears.
How I wish I had listened.

Today I stand alone at your mercy, answering the siren's call.
Today it seems your veins run cold.
Your embrace is suffocating.
Tumultuous waves threaten to swallow me.

Your slate grey creatures kneel before me, poised for the kill.
Blades stab at my feet, my legs, my back.
Deep shades of red cloud the foam below.
A crest of black envelops me.

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