That Girl

March 2, 2012
By abigailpaige BRONZE, Saint James, Missouri
abigailpaige BRONZE, Saint James, Missouri
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There she is

that girl,

she slowly

takes her away

from me.

No one can

stand her

shes another

one of them.

Sports and guys

she takes the lead,

she thinks shes

better than me.

She acts like

shes hated,

She knows

shes not.

When will she

stop? She used

to be nice.

That was when

she was the

new girl.

I feel upset

as I sit here

alone, writing

this poem while

staring at her.

She knows

what shes,

doing shes

done it before.

Shes turned

them against

me , she gave

them little horns.

She doesn’t know

me or where i

come from but

shes just another

one of them.

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