What happened to the girl?

March 2, 2012
By Mellis SILVER, Caldwell, Idaho
Mellis SILVER, Caldwell, Idaho
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Sometimes I stare at myself in the mirror and wonder,
What ever happened to the the girl who could hardly even see herself in the mirror?
What happened to the girl who loved barbie dolls?
The girl who always tried to ride the dog like a horse?
The girl who would walk around in her mothers high heels?
The girl who was always up to no good?
The girl who loved to tease her older sister?
The girl who loved to wear dresses and nothing else?
The girl who would go make mud pies in the yard?
The girl who would jump from couch to couch trying to avoid the lava?
The girl who would cry when she got a splinter?
The girl who wished she could be an amazing singer when she grew up?
The girl who wished she would grow up faster?
The girl who always wanted to be all grown up?

I know that girl is now not a young child anymore, but a grown teenager.
I now wish that I had known how short childhood really is, I wish I could have just held on to that childhood just a little longer.
That girl is now a young teenager taking on more responsibilities and is learning even more than she was before.

The author's comments:
I wrote this wishing that I really knew how short childhood is, and how I wish I could go back and enjoy those days again just one more time.

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