My Sancturary

March 2, 2012
This is where I am
This is where I feel
This is where I’m free
It’s filled with the things I hold dear

Then they come
And say it’s wrong
Say it is all from darkness

Different cultures would disagree
I am unique
Why not just leave me be?

You take it all away from me
And try to change me completely
No! I will not change
I will only stay, uniquely

Yes, I may not be like other girls
And not care about anything in the world

Only clothes to hide the ugly inside
And make up to mask my scars

Why would I be like the rest?
Only caring about the richest and best
No! I will be different

I will not care
I do not dare to venture beyond my zone on my own
I will stay where I am
While others move on

I will be their opposite, in everyway
I will be unique in a way
I will be outstanding

While others spend money on useless things
I will buy things I need
While others say no to video games
I will play them

I don’t care what you call me
A Nerd, Geek, Freak
Call me what you want!
I will still be me

Every rose has its thorns
However some more that others
I will be the one with the most to some

And less to others

I will not trust blindly
I will be wise
For those who despise me
I can see it in their eyes

They will never change
Although they can pretend to try
Yes! I promise!
I will not cry

Take what you want
One thing you can never touch
Is my heart
It is far too precious

And its secrets
Will remain
With my soul
And you will search in vain

My sanctuary will never change

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