Looking Into Me

March 2, 2012
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I’ll agree to disagree
If you disagree to agree
If you don’t understand what I’m saying
Well, hey that’s just me
Lots of people don’t understand the 6’7” man
who thinks he’s a Jew from a far off distant land
This dude likes Opera
This dude likes to sing
This dude acts and reacts
To almost everything
Well let me help you understand
For a day in my shoes is far more than grand
When you see the world from my perspective
You forget your problems
And in your life
you’ll find a whole new objective.
For one, Don’t be afraid to die
For death is a release, not a punishment for you or I
For if you are right spiritually
it won’t matter in the end
so live your life fearlessly
I’m a performer, I love making people happy
I do this through singing even though the gig is crappy
Low pay
long hours
training for years and years
Practicing and practicing till you think a spot will appear
People tell me I’m only into music for the possible fame
But how do they know they can’t see what I am.
I perform for one reason
I want to make people forget about their problems
and be happy in the moment
no matter the time or season
So hopefully you can see
that the individual I’m describing is the one and only me.

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