Ode to my uniform

March 2, 2012
Ode to my uniform
( For Pablo Neruda)
I bought myself a basketball team sweatshirt
that was only made for me before winter started.
With my last name on the back,
Team number on the front,
The shirt is as comfortable as a bird.
When I hug myself,
I wear it very careful
As if it will break by my hands.
The color on blue
like the sea,
the words like the islands that
makes the sea bigger.
The shirt is wonderful
But my body seems ugly and dirty.
And I wear it to make me stay warm.
My body is the happiest creature
When I wear the shirt on.
My skin smiles.
The moral of my ode is this:
Love is more than like
And what’s love is the sweetest
When it is the matter of a sweatshirt
Made of comfort in the winter.

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