March 5, 2012
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For the little girl
who ran out of time,
she is stripped from truth
and is covered with lies.
She has a fallen soul
and swollen eyes,
from time that passes
with a heart that cries.

For that little girl
who ran out of time,
who watches the sunset
and the moon rise.
Who sees a bird
and watches it fly,
and wishes for a life
to roam the sky.

And that little girl
who is desperate for love,
but is destined to die,
for the life that she had
has ran out of time.
We should have heard
the whisper…
and answered
the cry,
but instead we ignored it
and lived our life.

For that pretty little girl
layed to rest,
has a cheek of cold
and a tone of death.
A look not known,
a look of peace,
because now her soul
soars at least!

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