A kiss of pure love

March 4, 2012
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The pensive princess, is wanting to cry,
Why my princess, what happened last night?
Was it the dance, was it the food, or
Perhaps the buffoon?

Oh, the little princess is not willing to talk,
Why my princess? let me look at your eyes,
Don’t, princess don’t cry, princess what happened?
oh, now I understand.

Princess; he fought against death, he fought against the moon,
And just one of his hands, strong enough as a platoon,
Princess he is coming, he is coming right now,
He just defeated the colossal dragon that was on his way,
Princess don’t worry, princess please wait.

Princess; he is flying on a horse with wings,
With a sword on his back, and a ring from his trips,
A ring with a brown pearl on top, just like your eyes,
Princess don’t worry, princess don’t cry.

Princess, he doesn’t know how you are,
But he still loves you more than his own life,
Princess do not put your head down,
He will be here, and he will give you the ring,
And then he will kindle your lips,
With A kiss of pure love,
Princess don’t worry, princess don’t go.

Sometimes, you love someone so much,
That you would do the unimaginable to make that person happy,
Even if they never get to know that was you,
So, if you quiet decide to stay, please don’t,
Let that person know, don’t be like me, don’t be alone.

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