Creating Perfection

March 4, 2012
dramapirate17 BRONZE,
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Favorite Quote:
"i didn't think there was any part of my heart left to break" ~me
"people talking behind your back? Good. that means you're ahead of them"

You say I am unique
And as perfect as can be
Then you go and say
"You'll be better like me"

You haul me to the doctors
to straighten out my spine
I didn't want to go
You said everything was fine
but I knew better than that
despite that I was nine

Now another step to perfection
braces on my teeth
I think we have a bad connection
Am I somewhere beneath?

I thought I was good enough
to fit your perfect vision
but now i can call your bluff
Don't you see?
this life is rough

Apparently we are suppose to be
as close to flawless.
I guess you didn't get the memo,
I. could. care. less.

The author's comments:
dont let people change your inner beauty

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