That I Can Still Fall Asleep on Your Shoulder

March 4, 2012
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Sitting in the backseat
Dark dusty sky illuminates the
Golden lights of the car ahead
Blurred by my half shut eyes,
Turning twinkle star vision
Rain taps at the windshield
And the rhythmic swish of the wipers,
Makes my body languid.
A sharp right turn, and
I don't resist the pressure to slide
Closer to you.
You don't move
Your white T-shirt shoulder,
I catch a glimpse of it as the
Haze drags my consciousness away.
I can faintly hear the song playing
On your ipod.
It's from the mixed tape I gave you
I'm happy that you told the truth
When you said you liked that song.
And the last thing I think
Before my eyes close the final time
Is how it's nice to trust you again.
How after all these days of
Hating you and loving you, and
Being friends and not talking, and
Staying up late texting, and
staying up late crying over you,
I can finally relax.
Yes, it's so nice that I can still
Fall asleep on your shoulder.

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