I Like

March 2, 2012
I like

giant bear hugs that lift you off your feet and make you forget about the worries of the world

smiles so big the thought of them cheers you up

loud laughter that shakes your entire body

kisses that leave butterflies in your stomach and a dizzy feeling in your head

delicious candy that you can’t help but smile at the first taste

friends who know you are crazy but don’t care

snugly sweaters that comfort you like a mothers arms

when sunshine breaks through the white puffy clouds that brings with it laughter and warmth

scarves that cuddle your neck

white, fluffy snow that invites you to waste your days away

swimming deep underwater, the water cool against your skin

freckles that bring your face to life

shorts that remind you that its summer and nothing else matters
new shoes that squeak as you walk, and sometimes give you blisters

dimples like little caves in your cheeks that you can only see when you smile

sweet cupcakes covered in sugary frosting that you bite into with a smile

laughter wrinkles on an old woman’s cheeks showing you that she lived a long and happy life

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