Gone Away

March 7, 2012
I have seen you in my dreams,
Just like a slithering mist in my mind.
Coming through like a light beam.
I hope I see you soon and maybe I will find,
You are searching for me too, along this long path.

You have gone away and you are not coming back,
I have seen your face.
Racking my memories just like face.
Distant thought always race,
I want you here, can you please come back.

Gone away, you have again.
I am on this long ride,
Please, please do not begin,
Without me by your side.
I want you close to me.

I love you so much, why can you not see,
You are my crutch.
Why do you charge a fee
For you to be close to me.

I found you now, you are close again.
Our relationship has been restored.
Please, please you can now begin.
I now can be absorbed,
In your everlasting love.

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