Humanity: Unending Hatred

March 7, 2012
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I want to talk about hate,
How we can sleep so soundly,
While there are people who are fighting
To protect our freedoms, giving their own lives
Just to save ours, the unthankful ones.

I want to know how there
Are so many battles and wars over religion,
How something so beautiful
Could be a source of undying hatred.

Across centuries and millennia,
We have fought to prove,
Ourselves as just,
While what is just in death?

I want to talk about how inhumane we have become,
Towards our friends, family and enemies.
How freely we accept death and hatred, as absent mindedly as, skipping over the obituaries in the paper or as the news companies report a fatal car accident. The constant feeling of dread stops the warmth of happiness from seeping into our hearts.

How elaborately we weave our way
Into each other’s lives, but sever all ties,
When the situation best suits our own
Personal gains.

How there is no honor among humanity,
We don’t show any compassion to our enemies or even our colleagues.
The great honor that made the people of the world, happy and prosperous, not hating and warmongers.

I want to talk about redemption,
How it doesn’t exist,
How the only true peace,
Is death.

How we are human,
How beneath all the goodness,
Everyone has a dark side,
Inseparable and invisible,
But indisputably there.

I want to talk about living,
How we view our lives from a limit,
Through a looking glass, constantly
Shrouded by a dense smog of nonbelievers,
Never truly dreaming,
Never truly trying,
Never truly living.

I want to talk about hate,
Hating blindly,
Because every time we look,
At someone and see the darkness,
We see our reflection, because in
Every person we see there is a mirror
Sometimes broken or shattered,
But we always see ourselves starring back

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