A Little Bit About Me

March 7, 2012
I have a god complex
but don’t we all?
It’s true.
We all know it
but don’t realize it.
We are all gods
in my opinion.
Graciously gifted gods.
The power to create
and destroy
resting lazily
in all our hands.
Reading between the lines.
I can do that, too.

I love to examine
like a fox
always aware,
looking closer
for the truth
behind the story.
Seeing with my mind’s eye,
a skill I, thankfully,
have developed.
And with this skill,
I can see behind
the black curtain of lies
set by propaganda
and big business
and government.
I am ever thankful
to have been blessed
with a gift
so many people lack.
I didn’t have a good start.
Nights that were filled
with drunken rage
that hurt dear old mom
and sisters Caitlyn and Tavi.
But we persevered.
Dad cast away his demons.
and even though he still
drinks from the Devils bottle,
he never lets it overcome him.
But that was not the end
of all the craziness.
Caitlyn was affected the most,
and she could not overcome her demons.

I never imagined
my loving, caring sister
could turn into, well,
whatever she turned into that night.
She became the monster in the closet.
The body at the bottom of the lake.
The demon that comes out
of your deepest, darkest nightmares.
We never thought it was there,
but when it revealed itself,
none of us were at all prepared.
She abused herself.
She abused others.
She abused drugs and cigarettes.
I never believed in any higher power,
but I almost did
the night she said,
“I am sorry, and I want to get better.”

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EmilyJayce said...
Jun. 6, 2012 at 9:59 pm
This would be an excellent,excellent spoken word poem! and it's a very good written poem as well
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