My hero, my dad

March 7, 2012
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“Crunch.” leaves fall off the trees in all different colors red, orange, yellow and purple. The sweet aroma of apples fills the air.
“Get the gun ready” My dad whispers in my ear
I pull the gun off the ground and set it on my rest.
Then two deer come bolting out of the woods one after another.
The brisk wind clashes against my face, and I get a sudden chill down my spine. They ran to fast, my dad grabs my shoulder and whispers “they will come back stay ready.” I look to my left and see the same two deer running towards the black tower stand we are sitting in I look down the sight but they turn, I never got a shot.
In this essay I am going to talk about 3 main points, what me and my dad both enjoy doing, what we do together in our free time, and what we talk about most often.

My dad and I do a lot of things together hunting, fishing, and watching sports.
The one thing we do most common is hunt, we both enjoy being in the woods so he takes me every weekend. I’m always looking forward to the weekend, I love sitting out in the woods and knowing my dad isn’t to far away. Whenever I’m with my dad have it be in the woods or at home he always makes me feel safe. He loves that I enjoy hunting because it is his favorite thing to do. Every year he takes me to our cabin and we go hunt for 1 week straight.

My dad comes to everyone of my sports games, soccer isn’t his favorite sport but he comes and watches it for me. He tells me “my favorite thing in the world is to watch you play sports.” I love when I’m in a game and not doing well, I can look at my dad and he gives me the encouragement to keep going and do better. When I use to wrestle that was my dad’s favorite thing to watch me do because his middle-high school he wrestled. So he wanted me to continue wrestling through-out high school.

One thing that my dad and I do everyday, is have a good conversation. I don’t really know why, it just randomly happens. When I get home he asks me how my day went, and then it turns into a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Even though it is mumbo jumbo they are the most interesting conversations ever. We talk about anything and everything, from hunting to what’s happening in the up coming weekend.

In this essay I told you three things about my dad, what we both like to do, what sports I play and he comes and watches me, and what we talk about.

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