why i am silent

March 7, 2012
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In just one moment
Just a heartbeat of time
You took away my innocence
My strenght drained away
With it my smile and laugh for each day
You took my will to want to live
You took all that I had to give
My heart is mangled
My feelings tangled
You don't know what you've done
And you don't even care
With you also left my freedom
This shame is more then I can bare
Could this have been my fault
Could I have stopped it all
Every time I passed him
He stared down at his feet
Could it be the guilt
Or could it be he doesn't notice
That I am the one
I was just another victim
Just another pretty face
It could be the wrong man
He couldn't have done this to me
A liar is what i am
Or could it be the fear
That with the truth will go my world
If everyone finds out I'm not an innocent girl
If I stay quiet and force a smile on my face
All can be forgotten
All eyes will turn on me
Will they think I'm lying
Will they think I'm just easy
Would anyone ever understand
The pain that comes with each day
The shame, the hurt, the sorrow
The life I've thrown away
Because I'm not the person I used to be
In place of me is a tormented soul
Torn apart what once was a whole
All I'll be forced with what remains
The life he shattered and I forgave

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