Before I Knew It

March 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Isn’t it funny?
Years past and long ago,
I’d swear a love-less life,
From watching the impurity of it all,
And yet here I find,
I fell for you before I knew it.

Before I knew it,
I fell in love,
The same me who’d sworn love naught,
The same me who’d looked at love,
With disdain and mockery,
Before I knew it,
You snuck into my life.

Would you mock me?
How the distant and cold me,
Could be shattered with a single thought,
One thought of you,
And my world becomes color,
My monotone world,
Finds in itself a beautiful shade of red,
Red for the love I once mocked.

I curse you,
This love,
For becoming my undoing,
For interfering where you weren’t called,
But at the same time,
I despair the thought,
Of returning to the monotone world,
That you had taken me from.

How sad I feel,
For betraying my resolve,
Of years past,
How sad it is,
That I am becoming a lovesick fool,
I can’t bring myself away,
Before I knew it,
I loved this colorful world.

Isn’t it funny?
Before I knew it,
I fell in love with you.

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