My Envy's Glove

March 6, 2012
Thy hearts aglow
You talk so sweet and slow
About your love and so
I did not want to hear it, no!

But I listen, I’m thy friend,
To your talk of happy end
My heart in secret, bend
In flames at this talk of love vend

This poison in my heart
Always violently start
At this vending, love mart
And visuals of kissing art

Sights of love and delight
Never sets my heart right
For the poison of envy’s might
Sets my mind in flaming light

Bitter ice and heart lone
Is my soul’s bone
Secretly wish, but icy postpone
Fighter not lover in heart’s tone

So, you speak of flying love
But mine is a dying dove
Too protected, too shove
Can’t you see your talk is my envy’s glove?

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