The stars are with me

March 6, 2012
By Colorlessjoker BRONZE, Richmond, Other
Colorlessjoker BRONZE, Richmond, Other
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I thought I was lonely
Like the sun out in the sky
But there are people who care for me
Like stars that just stand by

Some may shine brighter
And help you when you’re in need
Especially when it’s darker
And the emptiness they will feed

They may disappear
And look like their gone
But they are still near
And they will be back before dawn

Maybe I’m crazy
Or a geek and a nerd
But at least I’m not lonely
And my voice can be heard

The days I spent thinking alone
I thought my life was terrible
But there are others who share my tone
Who share a life, unbearable

So I will live for another day
And be here for my friends
And the debts I will repay
By helping their hearts to mend

I realized that you should be happy
Don't count all of your negatives
You should chin up and try to see
There are a lot of things positive

Live life to the very fullest
You are not completely alone
Live it up filled with zest
And show that you are in the zone!

The author's comments:
Well I have been depressed for a few years now and only starting to get better. I just wanted to really help other people who were having the same problems I was. Live happy

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