If anyone will notice

March 6, 2012
By , Richmond, Canada
I wonder if anyone would notice
If I disappeared without a trace
or maybe even pass away
tomorrow or today

day by day people are gone
what if I die before dawn
would anyone see that I have disappeared
would anyone be feared?

For if I die tomorrow or today
Hopefully no one will say hooray
For u never know what would happen
I might be gone next time u are laughin’

If I leave it for a week will people forget?
Just like if I disappeared would people neglect
To cry during my funeral sadly
Where I will sleep eternally

So will anyone notice if one person died from this world
Or would they just live life always curled
Maybe someone may cry
But in the end why?
For I am only one thing in this planet
Its just a chip from a granite.

So if I die just live on
And think it’s an elaborate con
Live life as it was
And forget about me in a buzz

Im writing this because im distraught
For I have just been caught
In a situation that I wouldn’t want to be
I really don’t want to leave it be

So that’s all I really have to say
hopefully u will understand my way
If I die just let it be
Because I want to be a banshee
For people wont notice im dead at heart
I will make my depart

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