March 6, 2012
By AlexandriaAngeleyes SILVER, FRANKLIN, Connecticut
AlexandriaAngeleyes SILVER, FRANKLIN, Connecticut
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You have been the page
I write on
With an ink stained finger
You have been the page
I scribble on
With a blood stained heart
You listen to my cries
You hear my stories
Of deceit and lies
Woven to me
That i thought to be the truth
You have been the page
I happily shone on
For a brief period of time
Before it went on
Then you became the page
I cried on
With blood shot eyes
And a tear stained face
This time seems longer
And harder to erase
This time keeps going
How are you still my page?
My blood stained on you
My hurt carried with you
Why do I leave a mark
On every being i touch?
My heart is broken
My face, tear stained
The things that i miss of him
too much to list
I clench my hands
Into a tight fist
I walk through the day
I try not to cry
Wait until I'm alone
Hidden from the wandering eye

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